Finally. I’m home.


Finally. I’m home.

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i haven’t watched more than an episode or two of Korra but I can assure you that Korrasami is important and real

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Hehe since I’m not on the computer, I can’t doodle up an example for the winner, but you can check my blog for samples of coloured sketches ^__^

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Anonymous asked: You're a really sweet person AND you're really cute AND have a great blog?? Mega crush

AHH thank you so much!! that’s super sweet I’m flattered


Hey guys, if you’ve been following me or John drakensberg for a while you’ll probably recognise my cat Lil John.

Lil John had a bit of a fall today, a 50 ft drop onto a concrete pavement, and has left me with a massive vet bill of £190, or $325 US Dollars. Which could go up to over £500 ($850) depending on what treatment she needs and how bad her injuries are, and the vet want this payment immediately.

Due to my anxiety i only work part time and earn £210 a month, and i just don’t have enough at the moment to pay the bill. 

If you have a single pound or dollar to spare we’d be so grateful, and if you leave your paypal email address with your donation i will even pay you back when I have the money. Even if you can’t donate and just reblog this post or share our Gofundme page I’d appreciate it so much.

Donate and read a little more about Lil John here

Thank you, 

Sioned + Lil John


Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume”
Princess Sailor Moon

Before the debut of Sailor Moon Crystal(and the mass amounts of BSSM cosplayers that are bound to show up) I really wanted to cosplay my favorite character of all time: SAILOR MOON. Being the next level fan that I am, and not wanting to disappear into the crowd, I chose the wonderful not-well-known Princess Sailor Moon from PGSM. I need to remake a few things since I learned how to properly sew only a week and a half ago but overall I’m in love with how she turned out lol I have a wand but this was a sunday and I had already packed it for safety~
I choose her not only to stand out, but because I love how strong and inde
pendent she is, and how shes a separate entity from Usagi and idk man shes just such a boss ass bitch hahah She’s officially my favorite costume ever <3

Cutie patootie in the bottom pic is my boobunny srsrazzmatazz

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Anonymous asked: you are just very very attractive wow my friend

!!!! thank you



nicky’s my fav

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Sure. Let’s just go down to the Anus Hole and get some ice cream

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I swore once that on the day I reached 10,000 followers I’d become a Brock appreciation blog.

1.5k more kids

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Ahh sorry for the massive influx of queue posts!

I was messing with my settings last night and needed to empty it out a bit, it’ll slow down!